Biggest Sale, Littlest Nemo!

nemo spread

You know that LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM book? The super giant one that was filled with legendary cartoonists and won all those Eisner and Harvey awards?

Remember how bad you wanted it, but how it was just a little bit out of your price range? How it seemed to dance, big and beautiful and filled with glorious broadsheet comics, just out of your financial reach?

Dream no longer, friends. In the spirit of holiday cheer and frenzied consumerism, we’re offering our magnum opus McCay tribute for its lowest-ever price of $100, down from the standard retail price of $150.

Just enter the order code “cyberlocust” at And hey, while you’re at it, enter “locustbuddy” for 15% off all other merchandise. Do it before we come to our senses.

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