Locust Moon Closing Sale

Locust Moon Cover
Hello dears. Do you want incredibly awesome comics for embarrassingly cheap prices? Come to Locust Moon. We’re winding down our final days in the retail business, and we want to get our books into your hands before we mysteriously shutter our doors, Wonka-style.

First of all – ALL recent single issue comics are $1.  Every stapled comic that’s normally cover price is on sale for a measly buck. And outside of a handful of select books, all trade paperbacks are 10-50% off. Plus: our bounteous, already-dirt-cheap dollar boxes? Now those comics cost one shiny quarter.

And LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM, the McCay tribute anthology that also functions as a buoyant surfboard, is at its lowest-ever limited time price of one hundred smackers.

So come raid our backstock for the holidays. And join us on January 8th for what’s sure to be a farewell party for the ages.

Just a month to go, friends. Let’s make it one to remember.

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