Tuesday Tease: Once Upon a Time Machine vol. 2


The book that brought Locust Moon together is coming back with a sequel! Once Upon a Time Machine began as a grassroots, pie-in-the-the-sky idea for an anthology by a bunch of folks trying to break into the industry (helped out by a few of our favorite artists, including Brandon Graham, Jill Thompson, Khoi Pham, & Todd Klein). It was picked up by Dark Horse and published as a big, beautiful, Harvey-nominated book – and inspired Chris, Josh, and I to keep doing whatever we could do to make more comics. That’s how Locust Moon Press was born.


Now we’re working with Dark Horse again on Once Upon a Time Machine vol. 2 – and where the first book took us on a time-bending tour through world folklore and mythology, this second volume focuses on bringing one specific pantheon into the future: the Greek gods.


Gideon Kendall and I tackled the myth of the high-flying Icarus and his father Daedalus – whose future counterparts build a (titular) time machine and test the limits of discovery in a whole new way.


I won’t spoil it here, but I can’t help but mention that there is one particular page in this short story that marks my proudest moment in comics collaboration to date – I think Gideon and I were right on the same wavelength, and made something really special, particularly in that one moment.

Gideon Kendall is just a fantastic artist and storyteller, in case these few peeks aren’t enough to tell for yourself. If you want to see more of his work right away, check out his gross and wonderfully imaginative comic Whatzit.

– Andrew Carl

One thought on “Tuesday Tease: Once Upon a Time Machine vol. 2

  1. Really enjoyed this, glad a second volume is in the works. Also intrigued by the Prometheus line. Hope the following might be of interest in a workable recurring story line:


    For his act of defiance, Prometheus eternally shackled to humanity. His immortality remains, but he is not whole.

    For each generation (25 Years) he survives, his memory is stripped away.

    He grows into the life of another generation of man, and endures the gifts of his fire: creation, inspiration, and it’s manifestation in good and evil.

    He becomes part of mankind’s history.

    As he grows in the new life, his memory is returned piecemeal, so he feels as if he is going mad.

    It is at some pivotal moment in time which requires the choice to either help or walk away, a crucial juncture for someone he cares about, or that will impact a future direction of humanity’s growth or regression, that his punishment is meted out once again in full.

    He remembers his past, he remembers who he really is.

    What does he do?

    At the point of his decision, he gets to see the results, and then, his life is reset.

    In effect, it is like the episode of SNG where Picard lived a lifetime in 1 hour, and like Quantum Leap, where Sam experiences other lives. Unlike either, no memories remain, and he never makes it home.

    Additionally, happy to hear you are working on a mythology anthology. Please if you haven’t listen to Dar Williams “In the Time of Gods (2012) and read through the lyrics; she is a gifted storyteller.

    Finally, I hope you might also some point in time, lend efforts towards working on a legend close to my heart, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. An interesting view point might be to stay clear of Arthur and Guinnevere, and instead focus on the 12 most famous knights and choose one story to portray the characters of each. If the Round Table seems over done, perhaps another arc might be the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne. Good stuff there too.

    Thanks for all your great work to date,


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