KEVIN CANNON Appearing at Locust Moon

kevin cannon

Before you head off to your Thanksgiving feasts, join Kevin Cannon at Philadelphia’s own Locust Moon Comics as he signs copies of ‘Crater XV,’ the latest installment in the adventures of Army Shanks!

You’ve never seen a Cold War like this! In ‘Crater XV,’ the follow-up to 2009’s Eisner-nominated ‘Far Arden,’ Kevin Cannon weaves together an intoxicating tale of swashbuckling adventure, abandoned moon bases, bloodthirsty walruses, rogue astronauts, two-faced femme fatales, sailboat chases, Siberian pirates, international Arctic politics, and a gaggle of horny orphans. Mixed up in all of this are Army Shanks, our salty sea dog still reeling from a devastating loss, and Wendy Byrd, a plucky teenager who wants nothing more than a one-way ticket off the face of the Earth. For mystery, thrills, and Arctic chills, set a course for ‘Crater XV’!

“Cannon’s enthusiastic and flexible art is well suited for both the comedic highs and the dream-crushing lows of his stories, whose epic scale is made intensely human by his strong characters. Few cartoonists know better the meeting place between grief, humor, and adventure like Cannon, and this second Shanks story is further proof of his abilities as a storyteller.” — Publishers Weekly

“Cannon somehow manages to one-up himself… Crater XV represents one of the finest examples of storytelling via cartooning available.” — Under the Radar

To see more from Kevin, please visit:

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