Holiday Shopping at Locust Moon



We’ve got Spider-Man and Yoda wearing Santa hats, Donald Duck tangled in Christmas lights, and Eeyore managing to smile while opening gifts. We’ve got Yuletide comics from Carl Barks and Grant Morrison (if only they’d collaborate on something), teeny-tiny Nightmare Before Christmas statues, and an insane Japanese Disney-Voltron. We’ve got Bone plushies, fat Captain Crunch, and a three ton statue of the Dark Knight riding a horse. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

We’ve also got BUILDING STORIES, CAGES, and 36 LESSONS IN SELF-DESTRUCTION for the pain-loving humans in your life. We’ve got HIP HOP FAMILY TREE and THE FIFTH BEATLE for the music aficionados, SABERTOOTH SWORDSMAN, BATTLING BOY and CURSED PIRATE GIRL for the demented adventurers, and all manner of Robert Crumb for the freakos and pervs. ONCE UPON A TIME MACHINE should take care of anyone with a sweet spot for fairy tales or a hankering for hard sci-fi. Basically, if you can’t find gifts for your friends and family here, you need better friends and family.

We can also special order all manner of things, but time is running low on that — hit us up by Wednesday to make sure Santa can get here in time.

Now go forth, and spread cheer like it were a communicable disease.

moebius santa

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