Tuesday Tease

Today we’re announcing yet another addition to our biggest, craziest, for-the-history-books-est book, LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM.

COLE CLOSSER has weaved a beautiful, poetic, colorful, and intricately rendered revisit to McCay’s slumbering world. Here’s as much as we can show you now:


We discovered & met Cole Closser at last fall’s SPX, where he was showing off his wonderful new book from Koyama Press, LITTLE TOMMY LOST: BOOK ONE.




As you can probably tell, Cole’s dark, early-20th-century newspaper strip pastiche made him the perfect person to ask about participating in our tribute to McCay’s work — and Cole did not let us down, not one bit.

– Andrew Carl

By the way, we’re keeping this list of Nemo names updated with most of the contributors we have publicly announced – so check it out if you’re wondering who else has signed up! And our first revealed pages from the book can be found here.

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