good this week

manhattan projects #10 : jonathan hickman and nick pitarra’s quirky sci-fi series mixes real life geniuses (einstein, oppenheimer, feynman etc) with strange alien races to produce one of the most consistent and fun books coming out. ryan browne gives pitarra a break this month, and his style fits the book perfectly.


uncanny x-men #3 : chris bachalo in fine form handling the x-men, with the avengers following up on the whole avengers vs xmen fracas and magento wearing his goofy new white suit…what’s not to like?


hawkeye volume #1 : when you let talented creators step outside of the usual BIG TWO bullshit and make a book that comes from the heart, you get a book like hawkeye. matt fraction and david aja (with javier pulido) deliver street level heroics with nuanced cartooning and a big heart. highly recommended.


change #4 : i have no idea what’s going on here and i’m not even sure if it’s any good. but this book is so out there and different from anything else coming out that i dig it.


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