good this week

the colonized #1 : i have no idea if this book is good as i haven’t had a chance to read it yet. but i dig the drew moss art, although i do wish books like this weren’t produced so slickly; this book would look a lot better on old school paper with old school lettering&colors–the slickness here undercuts the vibe.  but this book looks like fun, and i’m looking forward to reading.


gi joe: the cobra files #1 : so good it’s hard to believe it’s a g.i. joe book. mike costa & antonio fuso  do psychological espionage through the filter of the real american heroes. there’s not much difference between the heroes & villains.


will eisner’s the spirit artist’s edition : ding ding ding.


spongebob comics #19 : a particularly excellent piece of comics-making on a near-monthly basis. i’d love to see rob woods and box brown do strips in here.


mind mgmt hardcover volume #1 : a mind fuck of a modern masterpiece. i have to think it reads better in big chunks than it did month-to-month — and it was pretty stellar reading once a month. the whole package here is a winner, from material to package to price — 20 bucks for a really well-put together hardcover. highly recommended.


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