good this week

saga #13 : the book everyone has been waiting for.


east of west #5 : the last issue was one of the best single issues of the year. hickman & dragotta are killing it.


the true lives of the fabulous killjoys #3 : this series is starting to take off.


the outliers #1 : erik johnson has crafted an intriguing piece of cartooning, telling the tale of a speechless young boy who encounters a strange beast in the woods. check it out.


thor god of thunder #11 : the god butcher/godbomb story comes to a rollicking close. aaron and ribic have put their stamp on the god of thunder.


wolverine and the x-men #34 : nick bradshaw goes to town this issue, with monsters romping across double-page spreads and everything looking sharp & full of fun.


march book one : congressman john lewis’ remarkable story told by one of the finest cartoonists alive, nate powell.


–chris stevens

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