Tuesday Tease

this week we take a look at a series we have been working on called SHAMAN. the way this project came about is an interesting story. when we closed down the original locust moon there was about a year in-between opening up the current shop. during that year we were still obligated to receive books from diamond, and each week i’d meet the ups guy and haul the boxes of books up to my tiny apartment. this was a pretty shitty situation that was made a lot more tolerable by the fact about a dozen of our customers were loyal enough that they continued getting their books from us, meeting me in my apartment or outside my building. one of those customers was ben kahn, who was getting ready to graduate from upenn. ben had a real passion for the medium and a strong desire to create his own comics. once i realized that he was serious about it, i set off to help him make it happen. written and created by ben, illustrated by bruno hidalgo, and lettered by jason arthur, you will be seeing a lot more of SHAMAN in 2014. for now, here’s a look at the cover by farel dalrymple to the first issue and a page from bruno. SHAMAN logo designed by rob woods.shamanfarel_150dpiSHAMAN_ISSUE2_PAGE24

–chris stevens

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