Tuesday Tease

With Valentine’s Day exactly a month away, we couldn’t pass up the chance to tease a little more of our Quarter Moon for lovers, issue #3.

Last week (link!) we showed off the first of its beautiful interior pages (by Alexandra Beguez), and laid out the stories you’ll be reading in this “erotic” installment of our quarterly anthology.

This week we’ve decided to reveal ONE of our cover artists, and slip you just the tip of the carnal iceberg that is his cover. Quarter Moon #3 will in fact have two covers, a reversible affair (unlike the affairs within). And each of them will knock you out.

So welcome he of Blades & Lazers, Lincoln Washington: Free Man, and Night Business fame, Benjamin Marra! QM_3_Marra_dudeWhat in hell has this guy gotten himself into? You’re gonna have to wait and see the full cover to figure that one out…

– Andrew Carl

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