good this week

wonton soup collected edition : before ORC STAIN and GODZILLA: HALF CENTURY WAR, james stokoe was chopping it up like some loco iron chef of comics. this long out of print collection serves up the full 7 course meal of wonton soup goodness.


rocket raccoon #1 : as a long, long time fan of this little critter, i can tell you that skottie young has delivered a pitch-perfect take here. lots of fun, and a good mystery brewing.


robocop vs terminator : a wacky pairing all the way around, with walt simonson in top form working off a frank miller script.


the maxx maxximized volume #1 : one of the most influential books of the ’90s is back, in a hardcover edition that sees sam kieth’s seminal artwork recolored and looking better than ever.


-chris stevens


We’re starting to wonder whether it’s even physically possible to fit all of this awesome in one book. New members of this Dream Team include…


The author of THE MAXX, ZERO GIRL, MY INNER BIMBO and a slew of other brilliantly off-beat creations, Sam is one of our very favorite cartoonists. Like McCay, he marries truly remarkable cartooning techniques and a sophisticated sensibility to a sense of childlike creativity and wonder. We can’t imagine a more fitting artist for a LITTLE NEMO tribute.





Known for his work with Alan Moore on TOP 10 and his terrifically original Image book THE REPLACEMENT GOD, Zander Cannon recently published the rich and compulsively readable graphic novel HECK, which was among our forty favorite books of 2013. We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome him to Slumberland.





In addition to producing gorgeous calligraphic illustrations for THE NEW YORK TIMES, ROLLING STONE and ESQUIRE, Matt Huynh has published a number of beautiful comics including MA and HARRI. His Nemo strip is an ink-washed nightmare, and we’re proud to present it to you.


We’re keeping this list of Nemo names updated with most of the contributors we have publicly announced – so check it out if you’re wondering who else has signed up! And our first revealed pages from the book can be found here.

good this week

black science #1 : rick remender seems re-energized in this killer 1st issue. and the art, from matteo scalera and color wizard dean white, is gorgeous and nuanced. this book goes straight to the top of the list of books i’ll look forward to each month.


saga #16 : things are ratcheting up in this consistently entertaining, surprising series.



hip hop family tree vol. #1 : ed piskor throws down an encyclopedic account of the early days of an american art form. the telling of the tale is as fresh as the old-school treasury format, which ed recreates in loving, meticulous detail. good stuff.


pretty deadly #2 : emma rios is hitting a whole new level in her art, and kelly sue deconnick’s poetic, dreamy script works with her to build a book that’s carved out its own unique place in just two issues.


the sandman overture #1 special edition : the criterion collection version of the new sandman series is a vehicle for celebrating jh williams’ remarkable art in mostly black and white, going so far as to render the lettering translucent to unveil as much of jh3’s virtuosic work. along with process talk from todd klein and script annotations by williams, this is a fine way to experience the return of the dream king.


afterlife with archie #2 : in 30+years of reading comics, i’d never read an archie comic cover to cover. and i am not into the zombie genre at all. and y’know what? i loved the first two issues of this new series. it’s just flat-out good comics from francesco francavilla and roberto aguirre-sacasa. looking forward to more.


mister x eviction & other stories : one of the best worlds ever built in comics.


the maxx maxximized #1 : a remastered rolling out of the seminal sam kieth series. YES.


–chris stevens