good this week

a pretty great week for comics — covers especially. there are some great images jumping off the new comics wall. marvel especially is doing a great job with their covers — even some of their less-notable books, like X-MEN LEGACY and MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE feature consistently stunning covers.

covers aside, here’s what we’re excited about this week.

comedian #6: azarello and local legend j.g. jones literally end this story with a bang. a twisted trip into the mind of one of comics’ most impenetrable characters. i have a feeling this thing will read a lot better in the collection than it did month to month. as it is, jones’ beautiful & elegant linework carried us through a ramshackle origin story.

comedian cover

B.P.R.D. Vampire #2: ba & moon continue their loving homage to their spiritual forefather mr. mignola. two of comics very best young artists, working at the very tip top of their game. not to be missed.


jupiter’s legacy: not much besides set-up in this hotly anticipated debut issue, but it’s a pretty good set-up. and damn if frank quitely doesn’t draw some pretty pictures.

jupiter's legacy

five ghosts #2: not much to say about this besides that it rolls along with its greasy retro-adventure energy, playing it straight and doing justice to its gloriously goofball concept. you might forget about it five minutes after you read it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t time well spent.


foxing #2: collecting poetry, illustration, comics, fiction, and whatever other cool shit they can get their hands on, jim rugg’s quarterly is definitely the best-looking zine we’ve seen this year.

foxing 2

east of west #2: i’m pretty sure that jonathan hickman is using this book to found his own world religion. sign us up, wash our brains, take us away.


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