The Locust Moon Top 40: March 2014


This is what it looks like when Walt Disney and Salvador Dali sort of collaborate. Sure makes you wonder what could have come of a deeper partnership.


Another delicious fruit of the Kickstarter era. Never before would a work as personal and idiosyncratic as Alec Longstreth’s BASEWOOD have seen publication in such a beautifully produced oversized edition, a handsomely made book containing a flawlessly cartooned story of loss, survival and connection.



OK, so none of us have actually gotten around to seeing it yet. But we’re so happy to have more Wes Anderson in the world that we’re listing it anyway.


Finally, we can see BATTLING BOY artwork the way it deserves to be seen: BIG.


36. This Terrifying Short Film

Watch if you’re sick of sleeping, and would prefer never to do it again.

35. New Wu Tang Album

They are pressing one single copy of their new double album, which will be sold to the highest bidder. Something tells me we won’t end up finding this one for $3 in the bargain bin of the Princeton Record Exchange, like we did with 36 Chambers in 1997.


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good this week

moon knight #1 : warren ellis steps in with a fresh take on a difficult character, and declan shalvey takes his game to a new level with killer pacing, characterizations, and design. and a swanky new look for our crazy hero.



turok #2 : this is an inventive new spin on a classic character, with sensitive, imaginative writing from greg pak and fine art from mirko colak.


batman/superman annual #1 : a straight forward superhero romp graced by the exquisite art of jae lee and june chung.



uncanny x-men #18 : marco rudy, fresh off a bang up stint on marvel knights spider-man, weaves and winds through this issue with some of the most interesting layouts in a long time.


afterlife with archie #4 : a powerful issue that hits you with a punch. this book is just getting better, somehow.


jupiter’s legacy #4 : the best issue of this series so far, with some enjoyable character moments and peak frank quitely art.


she hulk #2 : the first issue was no fluke. charles soule and javier pulido (and THE PRIVATE EYE’s muntsa vicente!) are on to something special here.


starlight #1 : i hope this is the breakout book goran parlov so richly deserves. this is a gorgeous comic with impeccable design and storytelling on parlov’s part, and mark millar has a fun concept lined up.



wolverine and the x-men #1 : summer school kicks off at the jean grey school, and the kids are in good hands with jason latour, who slides right into jason aaron’s place with enough of his own voice to make things feel fresh, and mahmud asrar, who’s come a long way from his digital webbing days.


velvet #4 : top-notch spy thriller from brubaker and epting. this series is really finding its groove.


trillium #7 : we’re nearing the end of this fantastic mini series.


–chris stevens

good this week

a pretty great week for comics — covers especially. there are some great images jumping off the new comics wall. marvel especially is doing a great job with their covers — even some of their less-notable books, like X-MEN LEGACY and MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE feature consistently stunning covers.

covers aside, here’s what we’re excited about this week.

comedian #6: azarello and local legend j.g. jones literally end this story with a bang. a twisted trip into the mind of one of comics’ most impenetrable characters. i have a feeling this thing will read a lot better in the collection than it did month to month. as it is, jones’ beautiful & elegant linework carried us through a ramshackle origin story.

comedian cover

B.P.R.D. Vampire #2: ba & moon continue their loving homage to their spiritual forefather mr. mignola. two of comics very best young artists, working at the very tip top of their game. not to be missed.


jupiter’s legacy: not much besides set-up in this hotly anticipated debut issue, but it’s a pretty good set-up. and damn if frank quitely doesn’t draw some pretty pictures.

jupiter's legacy

five ghosts #2: not much to say about this besides that it rolls along with its greasy retro-adventure energy, playing it straight and doing justice to its gloriously goofball concept. you might forget about it five minutes after you read it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t time well spent.


foxing #2: collecting poetry, illustration, comics, fiction, and whatever other cool shit they can get their hands on, jim rugg’s quarterly is definitely the best-looking zine we’ve seen this year.

foxing 2

east of west #2: i’m pretty sure that jonathan hickman is using this book to found his own world religion. sign us up, wash our brains, take us away.