good this week

jack kirby collector #61 : every issue of this magazine is a treasure chest of kirby goodness. thanks, john morrow.


the little prince book nine : the timeless characters of the childhood classic get into new adventures in outer space in this charming children’s series of graphic novels.


all new x-men #15 : an improbably fun x book that keeps on rolling. is jean grey gonna hook up with the beast?


manhattan projects #13 : one of the best books month in and month out.


catalyst comics #2 : ulises farinas goodness in a paul pope package.


daredevil: dark nights #3 : lee weeks has spun an old-school (in the best way), tension-filled dd yarn that deserves as much praise as the current mark waid monthly.


satellite sam #2 : a very intriguing opener has us looking forward to getting deeper into matt fraction and howard chaykin’s live tv sex romp.


trillium #1 : maybe vertigo’s demise has been greatly exaggerated? a fine first issue from jeff lemire and jose villarrubia.


dream it! do it! : the autobiography of marty sklar, the man who designed disney’s magic kingdoms. great stuff.


in the days of the mob : jack kirby’s long lost 1970s look back at the days of prohibition.  teamed with inker mike royer, and printed in sepia greys, this is some of the more interesting, under the radar work of kirby’s career.


–chris stevens


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