good this week

ok, we didn’t have a chance to read anything yet this week, but these are the books we really wanna read…

rocket raccoon #2


nightworld #1


she-hulk #7


i was the cat




the complete elfquest vol. #1


the ring of the nibelung


jack davis drawing american pop culture


food wars!


The Locust Moon Top 40: April 2014

40. ALL NEW X-MEN #25

An all-star line-up of creators beautifies this anniversary issue of Brian Bendis’ goofily fun stab at adding to the X-mythos.

top 40 all new

39. Compendium of Comic Maps

Every comic (and every book) should start with a map. Delving into this wealth of literary cartography, it’s easy to imagine that they do.

top 40 map


top 40 darkseid

Remember Garfield Minus Garfield? Imagine that, juiced with the Anti-Life Equation.


Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky bring an oddball eroticism to this supernatural sex-caper comedy, a generally gleeful creativity that springs from their ultimate turn-on: the expressive freedom of creator-owned comics.

top 40 sex

36. MoCCAFest 2014

Another MoCCAFest, another inspiring celebration of comics & craftsmanship, this one presided over by a Staypuft-Marshmallow-Man-Scale Charlie Brown balloon, and featuring well-deserved awards for Locust Moon contributors and our pals Alexandra Beguez & Dave Plunkert.

top 40 mocca

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good this week

trillium #6 : this series is going to make for a great evergreen once it’s done. a huge heart, compelling story, and killer cartooning & atmosphere from jeff lemire and josé villarrubia.


red light properties : haunted real estate and tasty storytelling chops, courtesy of dan goldman. one of the more interesting books to come out in a while.


ant colony : michael deforge seems like he was born speaking comics instead of english, his first words a 9 panel grid. then, as he grew up, the language became one that’s all his own. come hear him speak it next wednesday.


the fox #4 : dean haspiel is pouring a ton of fun into this comic, and his clean, poppy art is worth the price of admission on its own.


new avengers #14 : dr. strange sells his soul, and simone bianchi makes damn sure he looks good doing it.


judge dredd mega city two # 2 : ulises farinas continues his star-making turn. surf’s up!


–chris stevens

good this week

mouse guard legends of the guard #4 : david petersen’s anthology series wraps up with a rare bill willingham-illustrated tale, a painted story from jackson sze, and an illustrated ballad based on traditional mouse lyrics. i’ll be looking forward to the next series. this is a delightful package.


the fox #2 : dean, you baffled me here, out MADMAN-ing MADMAN at times. but damn if you don’t look good doing it. and the added bonus of that killer paul pope cover is a cherry on top of a good old fashioned sundae someone slipped a micky into.



elephantmen #52 : did you know that every copy sold of this series helps clothe & feed a baby elephant? well, it does. so don’t be cruel. buy some. the elephants will be better for it. you will be better for it.


trillium #5 : things get topsy turvy in this standout sci fi adventure from jeff lemire.

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good this week

jack kirby collector #61 : every issue of this magazine is a treasure chest of kirby goodness. thanks, john morrow.


the little prince book nine : the timeless characters of the childhood classic get into new adventures in outer space in this charming children’s series of graphic novels.


all new x-men #15 : an improbably fun x book that keeps on rolling. is jean grey gonna hook up with the beast?


manhattan projects #13 : one of the best books month in and month out.


catalyst comics #2 : ulises farinas goodness in a paul pope package.

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The Locust Moon Top 40: June 2013

40. This Killing Joker Statue

killing joker

Say cheese.

39. Our July 4th Drink & Draw & BBQ

To celebrate our great nation we will draw in only red, white, and blue. However, as usual, we will be drawing only penises.

38. Lady Thanos

Our favorite costume of a lot of great efforts at Heroescon.

H P1000180

37. Master Month

Every day this month we will be spotlighting a creator whose name alliterates with a day of the week. Wally Wood and Winsor McCay will be duking it out for control of Wednesday.


Are you trying to suggest that you love butterflies more perfectly than anyone else?


Because everyone should get the chance to choose their own Adventure Time.

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good this week

saga volume #2 : to know this book is to love it. this second volume ratchets up the tension while deepening our understanding of the characters at the same time. fine, fine comicbook making from brian vaughan and fiona staples. highest recommendation.


brother lono #1 : azzarello & risso jump back into the dirty waters of 100 BULLETS with this 8 issue series featuring the nastiest of all the minutemen. there will be blood.


sweet tooth volume #6 : the final volume in jeff lemire’s bittersweet quest story. lemire & colorist jose villarubia, along with guests like matt kindt and nate powell, crafted one of the most visually consistent series in recent memory, and the single-minded nature of the story propels the reader through a cruel world brightened by the developing love of one man for a deformed little boy. it all started with a chocolate bar.


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