Tuesday Tease

This week’s tease is a little different than most. Here’s a project that we put a great deal of love and work into, but sadly just didn’t come together in the end.

The right ingredients were there: Atlantic City, mysticism, kung fu, heaven & hell, boardwalk vagabonds, a heavy helping of Bruce Lee, and a dash of David Bowie.

But for the time being, here lies AMERICAN MONSTER BUFFET, and all the awesomeness Chris Stevens (story) and Jimmy Comey (art) brought to it.

– Andrew Carl

The Locust Moon Top 40

40. Five Ghosts

Frank Barbieri’s retro-pulp debut is a shot of old-fashioned adventure-comics adrenaline.


39. Rob’s Drawing Table.

Now long defaced by its creator. Burn it down, build again. Nothing gold can stay.


38. The Fabletown Pool Party

You have never seen this many pairs of glasses in a pool.

fables pool