The Locust Moon Top 40

40. Five Ghosts

Frank Barbieri’s retro-pulp debut is a shot of old-fashioned adventure-comics adrenaline.


39. Rob’s Drawing Table.

Now long defaced by its creator. Burn it down, build again. Nothing gold can stay.


38. The Fabletown Pool Party

You have never seen this many pairs of glasses in a pool.

fables pool

37. iPad-Powered BMO

ThinkGeek April fooled/tortured us with the most math fake toy ever not-assembled.

36. Godzilla #5

James Stokoe wraps up his excellent earth-shattering, city-smashing giant monster yarn. Gojira go!


35. East of West

Some kind of unholy hybrid of sci-fi, folklore, alternate history, mythology, and revelation. This book is BIG.


34. New Back in Five Minutes Sign

Gotta get this thing laminated.


33. Opening Day

Hello April. Hello baseball. Bring us your sweet sadness.

32. Asbury Park Comicon

Selling our book in the land of Springsteen just felt right.


31. Punk Rock Jesus

Sean Murphy’s savage, surprisingly sensitive satire is collected today. Inventive & intense.

30. Tom Verlaine

We’ve spent a lot of this month catching up on the solo work of this ragged-hearted staccato guitar poet.

29. Thanos Rising

Simone Bianchi’s gorgeous galactic images sweep you along as Jason Aaron sets up the tragic tale of a monster’s origin. Apparently Thanos was teased in middle school.

28. Orientation.Locust Moon Academy kicks off on April 27th. Mark Robinson will teach you his dance moves.

27. Game of Thrones

Because the night is still dark, and also apparently still full of terrors.

26. This Equestrian Batman Statue

I have no words. This thing speaks for itself.


25. Mark Buckingham

One of the most delightful gentlemen we’ve met in this comics-making adventure. We tried to buy him a drink, and somehow he ended up buying us one. He’s onboard the Slumberland Express.

24. Our New Cat

We named her Rooster Cowboy. She is awesome & deadly. Mice beware.


23. An Illustrious Award

We were named “Best Boutique” in the “Best of Penn” awards. We like the idea that we’re a boutique.


22. New 100 Bullets Series

They say the 101st bullet is the one that kills you. We can’t wait.

21. Dollar Comics

There’s gold in them there hills.


20. Comics Is Easy

Alexa Kitchen’s how-to book shows a 7-year-old can cartoon at a professional level. As long as she is some kind of comic book wunderkind.

19. Dave Hat: Educating America’s Youth

Kids love this guy, apparently.


18. Locust Moon Concert Series

Join us on April 28th and groove to the heavenly & regal sounds of King God and four other bands.

17. Holy Motors!

This is what happens when you set Rob Woods loose on somebody’s engine block.


16. Uncle Purvis

Until he’s called back to that great sex fiend circus in the sky.


15. Quarter Moon

The first issue of our quarterly comics & illustration magazine will spotlight silent comics.

14. Getting Locked in the Store

Wherein Josh accidentally steals Chris’ keys & traps our man inside, where he is forced to read comics all night.


13. American Monster Buffet

Our own Chris Stevens & James Comey break down on their new series blending urban grit, starry-eyed mythology, and General Tso’s chicken.

12. Bottom Feeders

Jasen Lex’s slick acrobatic cartooning tells a tale of low-rent superheroes. The cover says it’s just a preview, but this 48-page romp feels like a first issue to us.

bottom feeders

11. Blue

Pat Grant’s cracked, alien-infested memoir captures life in a sleepy australian shore town with a detailed specificity that feels somehow universal.


10. Marvel: The Untold Story

Sean Howe’s juicy warts-and-all history has had us dishing all month.

9. Fabletown and Beyond

A memorable weekend idyll in the north country, with 500 of our closest friends. Read about it here.

8. Caitlin McCormack

This puppet-photo and crocheted-skeleton mastermind is building a poseable Nemo figure for us to play with. We can’t wait. Check out her brilliant work here.


7. Mouse Guard

Because the tiniest creatures have the most heroic hearts.

6. Prints by Lindsey Wavrek & Steven Bradshaw

Two of our favorite Moonies unite to create these monstrous illustrations. To be featured in Quarter Moon.


5. Jena Serbu

Join us tonight us for a gallery show featuring Ms. Serbu and her dolefully playful paintings.


4. Bow to the Wizard

Bodie Chewning’s long-awaited slice of flat-perspective cartoon sorcery nears completion.


3. 36 Lessons in Self-Destruction

Rob is literally working on the very last page right now. Coming this summer from Locust Moon Press.

2. Chris Casino

There are polar bears, and grizzly bears, and teddy bears. But there is only one SUGAR BEAR.


1. Buford the Dog

We bid farewell to the brother of Fred&Raphael, the guardian of the Fairfax, and the greatest dog in the world.


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