The Locust Moon Top 40: April 2014

40. ALL NEW X-MEN #25

An all-star line-up of creators beautifies this anniversary issue of Brian Bendis’ goofily fun stab at adding to the X-mythos.

top 40 all new

39. Compendium of Comic Maps

Every comic (and every book) should start with a map. Delving into this wealth of literary cartography, it’s easy to imagine that they do.

top 40 map


top 40 darkseid

Remember Garfield Minus Garfield? Imagine that, juiced with the Anti-Life Equation.


Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky bring an oddball eroticism to this supernatural sex-caper comedy, a generally gleeful creativity that springs from their ultimate turn-on: the expressive freedom of creator-owned comics.

top 40 sex

36. MoCCAFest 2014

Another MoCCAFest, another inspiring celebration of comics & craftsmanship, this one presided over by a Staypuft-Marshmallow-Man-Scale Charlie Brown balloon, and featuring well-deserved awards for Locust Moon contributors and our pals Alexandra Beguez & Dave Plunkert.

top 40 mocca

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good this week

batman incorporated #11 : a wacky interlude written by regular series artist chris burnham and featuring the batman & robin of japan. burnham has definitely learned at the side of grant morrison, whose inventive, playful spirit is all over this one. a nice break in the midst of the sturm & drang fallout from the death of damian wayne.


in the kitchen with alain passard : one of the world’s best chefs jumps into the comic book arena. subtitled A GRAPHIC NOVEL, WITH RECIPES , we will be cooking up some of these dishes in-store very soon.



saga #1 ($1 edition) : get in on the best ongoing book there is for a measly buck.
(only sharing pope’s ghost variant cover to #7 to make sure we all get to see it.)


godzilla the half century war tpb : 120 pages of james stokoe stomping through the gojira-verse. run for your lives.




the property : i haven’t read anything by rutu modan. this book will change that. the gorgeous cover and evocative cartooning are calling me in.


wally wood eerie tales of crime & horror : aliens and elephants. exotic villains and girls gone bad. monsters and men on the run. this book collects all the non-EC crime & horror work done by a young wallace wood. wood was the best artist comics has known–eisner was a better storyteller, kirby was a better creator, but no one could flat-out draw like wally wood. a treasure trove of comics power.


–chris stevens

The Locust Moon Top 40

40. Five Ghosts

Frank Barbieri’s retro-pulp debut is a shot of old-fashioned adventure-comics adrenaline.


39. Rob’s Drawing Table.

Now long defaced by its creator. Burn it down, build again. Nothing gold can stay.


38. The Fabletown Pool Party

You have never seen this many pairs of glasses in a pool.

fables pool

good this week

the massive #1 for $1 : sociopolitical environmentalist action from brian wood. a great way to check out this unique series.


the mice templar volume 4 #1 : we’ve got some signed FABLETOWN exclusive copies of the kickoff of the final story in this much beloved series from bryan glass, mike oeming, and victor santos.


punk rock jesus tpb : sean murphy can draw anything and make it look good. here he dives into both ends of the zeitgeist and comes out with an unusual and endearing satire.


kill shakespeare: the tide of blood #2 : it’s like FABLES. but with shakespeare. ’nuff said.


godzilla the half century war #5 : james stokoe brings his badass romp in gojira-land to a close.


thanos rising #1 : it’s thanos year one, with the lush art of simone bianchi. this is a beautiful book aiming to beef up the back story of the upcoming AVENGERS movie’s main bad guy.