good this week

the massive #1 for $1 : sociopolitical environmentalist action from brian wood. a great way to check out this unique series.


the mice templar volume 4 #1 : we’ve got some signed FABLETOWN exclusive copies of the kickoff of the final story in this much beloved series from bryan glass, mike oeming, and victor santos.


punk rock jesus tpb : sean murphy can draw anything and make it look good. here he dives into both ends of the zeitgeist and comes out with an unusual and endearing satire.


kill shakespeare: the tide of blood #2 : it’s like FABLES. but with shakespeare. ’nuff said.


godzilla the half century war #5 : james stokoe brings his badass romp in gojira-land to a close.


thanos rising #1 : it’s thanos year one, with the lush art of simone bianchi. this is a beautiful book aiming to beef up the back story of the upcoming AVENGERS movie’s main bad guy.


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