good this week

trillium #6 : this series is going to make for a great evergreen once it’s done. a huge heart, compelling story, and killer cartooning & atmosphere from jeff lemire and josé villarrubia.


red light properties : haunted real estate and tasty storytelling chops, courtesy of dan goldman. one of the more interesting books to come out in a while.


ant colony : michael deforge seems like he was born speaking comics instead of english, his first words a 9 panel grid. then, as he grew up, the language became one that’s all his own. come hear him speak it next wednesday.


the fox #4 : dean haspiel is pouring a ton of fun into this comic, and his clean, poppy art is worth the price of admission on its own.


new avengers #14 : dr. strange sells his soul, and simone bianchi makes damn sure he looks good doing it.


judge dredd mega city two # 2 : ulises farinas continues his star-making turn. surf’s up!


–chris stevens

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