The Locust Moon Top 40: April 2014

40. ALL NEW X-MEN #25

An all-star line-up of creators beautifies this anniversary issue of Brian Bendis’ goofily fun stab at adding to the X-mythos.

top 40 all new

39. Compendium of Comic Maps

Every comic (and every book) should start with a map. Delving into this wealth of literary cartography, it’s easy to imagine that they do.

top 40 map


top 40 darkseid

Remember Garfield Minus Garfield? Imagine that, juiced with the Anti-Life Equation.


Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky bring an oddball eroticism to this supernatural sex-caper comedy, a generally gleeful creativity that springs from their ultimate turn-on: the expressive freedom of creator-owned comics.

top 40 sex

36. MoCCAFest 2014

Another MoCCAFest, another inspiring celebration of comics & craftsmanship, this one presided over by a Staypuft-Marshmallow-Man-Scale Charlie Brown balloon, and featuring well-deserved awards for Locust Moon contributors and our pals Alexandra Beguez & Dave Plunkert.

top 40 mocca

35. This Super-Intelligent Honey Badger

OK, this is impressive and all, but one of our cats has figured out how to use a doorknob…

33. @MarcSRousseau

Our new favorite tweetster will draw goofball caricatures of anyone who follows him. Here’s his take on the Brando-esque beauty that is our own Andrew Carl.

top 40 tweeter

32. This Frog

While this video is hilarious, it also raises a larger question: is that an app specifically designed to torment frogs?

31. SAGA vol. 3

Can’t stop, won’t stop — the sleekest, sexiest, most lovable book on the shelves just keeps getting bigger and better.

top 40 saga


Jeff Lemire closes out his formally bold, deeply sincere sci-fi love story with a flourish of longing and desire.

top 40 trillium


This effortlessly funny and immersive memoir marks a gloriously low-key return to cartooning for Mimi Pond. Her sweet, sensitive, conspiratorial voice has been sorely missed, and is at its finest telling the tale of her ramshackle youth waiting tables at a deliciously druggy diner.

top 40 mimi

28. Actual Spider-Man

It turns out that Spider-Man is real, and his name is Peter Parkour (or it should be).

27. Air Swimmers

Hey Farel Dalrymple: this is a Percival licensing play waiting to happen.

26. The World’s Tallest Building-to-Be

I don’t know who will live or work here, but they will definitely be plotting the downfall of the Justice League

top 40 tallest

25. Coop’s Toys

Coop stole all our childhoods and put them in one insane room.

24. Sky Art

Like so much of the best art, these pieces by Thomas Lamadieu turn the world topsy turvy, treating the open sky like an empty canvas.


23. Construct GTC teaser

24. This Turtles Tribute

Please let these guys do the fight choreography for any and all upcoming crappy turtles reboots.

23. This Jam on the DUCKTALES Theme Song

You know how people say that things raped their childhood? Well this made sweet, sensual love to mine…


Do you like David Petersen’s MOUSE GUARD books? well, now you can have your cake and eat it, too.

top 40 mouseguard

21. John Pound’s Automated Comics

Cartoonist John Pound has been writing computer programs that create comics for over 20 years, but we’ve only just discovered these bafflingly brilliant strips that, I Ching-like, seem to overflow with meaning.

top 40  pound


Mike Judge’s perfectly pitched HBO satire on the pieties, pretensions, and paranoias of the tech world is the funniest and most weirdly engaging new show on television.


Jasons Aaron and Latour launch one of the more anticipated series of the year. Surprise surprise, the first issue has us hooked.

top 40 southern

18. Hope for the Return of Ser Pounce

Where have you gone, adorable kitten? A Westeros turns its lonely eyes to you.


17. New GODZILLA Trailer

We are guardedly optimistic.

16. Alex Eckman-Lawn’s T-Shirts

The must-have item if you want people to stare at your chest in enraptured bafflement.

top 40 alex


Jae Lee elevates any material he touches, and here, with colorist June Chung, he might just have taken the title of top mainstream artist.

top 40 batman superman

14. These Real Places That Inspired Miyazaki

The purest fantasy is always realer than the real.

top 40 ghibli

13. Gerry Conway’s Takedown of the Amazon/Comixology Deal

Amazon, as usual, will do whatever it takes to jockey for position and make itself the only game in town. When Jeff Bezos wins, readers and creators lose. Gerry Conway succinctly explains why this merger was a dark day for digital comics.

12 Pre-Jedi STAR WARS Fan Speculation

It’s hilarious how deep superfans will go into their own hand-dug rabbit holes — and Star Wars is where it all started.

top 40 starwars
11. This Cartoon by Rafael Grampa

We are prejudiced against this glorious little slice of mystical noir, because its demands are what stole Mr. Grampa away from our Little Nemo project. Still, it’s some of the richest, most stunningly kinetic animation we’ve ever seen.

10. SUSPECT DEVICE #4 Kickstarter

Help Josh Bayer and company save comics, with a fourth issue of brilliantly simple but endlessly hilarious and inventive riffs on classic strips. [Due to the lateness of this top 40, you can no longer help Josh Bayer save comics. He already did.]

9. Bob Dylan in the ’80s

This new collection of covers from Dylan’s lost years prove what we’ve always known: his worst is as good as anyone else’s best.

8. Al Feldstein

We bid fairwell to another one of the great old-timers, one of the prime architects of the magazine that defined the sensibility of modern humor.

top 40 1

7. The Philadelphia Secret Admirer

Our brother in Philly self-publishing just keeps turning up the volume on this hilarious, idiosyncratic and sometimes weirdly moving weekly paper. We’d tell you to go find a copy but you likely already see them EVERYWHERE YOU GO.


Peter Bagge continues the least epic epic of all time, detailing the junkyard present of a Buddy Bradley locked down by husband- and fatherhood, yet still as gloriously weird and cranky as ever. Pete has this voice down to a science now, and hearing more of Buddy’s tales is like kicking back with an old, beloved, sort of exasperating friend.

top 40 buddy


This yearning, mythic western from Kelly Sue DeConick and Emma Rios features some of the most soulful and innovative art and bafflingly beautiful, poetic storytelling you’ll find in comics. Think Emmy-Lou Harris and Paul Pope harmonizing on “Long Black Veil.”

MARVELCoverTemp copy.indt

4. These Cut Paper Gifs

No one in the world uses cut paper like Maelle Doliveux. We’re not ready to unveil her brilliantly beautiful and inventive Little Nemo strip, so you’ll just have to tide yourselves over with these wonderful and oddly funny contributions to Pagan: New York.

top 40 maelle


Ales Kot and a host of artists bring a brilliantly schizoid approach to this sci-fi espionage thriller, full of tightly wound character drama and big, bad ideas.


2. Yuko Shimizu’s Inking Tutorial

We could watch this master illustrator draw all day. Now, aspirants, you can learn from her directly.

An Online Skillshare Class by Yuko Shimizu

1. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Like Jack Kirby, like Winsor McCay, like Moebius: Marquez was a man who made the mundane world magical, and the magical world real.


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