Tuesday Tease

We’re in the month of love. And come Valentine’s Day, QUARTER MOON’s lovely issue of loving (a.k.a. our sexy issue of sexing) will be a real thing.

To celebrate, Locust Moon is hosting our own PROM, right in our store & gallery. Did you never get to go to your own prom? Or did someone steal your date before the night was through? Or were you so cool and great that you had a wonderful time, and want any excuse to relive the wild times of your youth, Mister Cool Guy Prom King? Well, regardless of your reasons, your sense of nostalgia or need to right past wrongs and punch your own personal Biff Tannen, you’re more than welcome to come get down with us on the night of SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15.

But that night isn’t just about the dancing and romance and punch(es) – it’s about comics. And QUARTER MOON: THE END OF THE NIGHT will be there to take home with you, and perhaps even to coach you into having what may just be the sexiest night of your life.

And with covers by Toby Cypress…


…and Benjamin Marra…QM3_BenjaminMarra

…as well as art & stories from JG Jones, Annie Mok, Rob Woods and more…you may be in for quite the night.

RSVP, if you’d like, to QUARTER MOON 3’s release party/prom here: https://www.facebook.com/events/402480243230651/

And stay safe, kids.

– Andrew Carl

Tuesday Tease

We’re inching closer to the release of Quarter Moon issue 3, the “erotic” entry in our quarterly comics & illustration magazine. It’s off at the printer now, and will be gracing our shelves come Valentine’s Day.

Well, I don’t think we’ve announced this yet, but the incomparable JG Jones decided to join in on the sexy fun we’re all having, and painted this beautiful — and maybe sort of ominous — pinup for us. Here’s Bettie…

jgqm3smWe’ve also been helping JG put together an art book that we’ll publish, collecting all the most stunning pieces in his many, many, many notebooks full of pencil sketches and watercolor studies.

This is the kind of stuff we’ve been finding page after page of, often drawn at seemingly impossibly small scales. You can’t imagine how hard it is to narrow these things down to just the “best.”


– Andrew Carl

Tuesday Tease

This week’s tease is a little different than most. Here’s a project that we put a great deal of love and work into, but sadly just didn’t come together in the end.

The right ingredients were there: Atlantic City, mysticism, kung fu, heaven & hell, boardwalk vagabonds, a heavy helping of Bruce Lee, and a dash of David Bowie.

But for the time being, here lies AMERICAN MONSTER BUFFET, and all the awesomeness Chris Stevens (story) and Jimmy Comey (art) brought to it.

– Andrew Carl

Tuesday Tease

With Valentine’s Day exactly a month away, we couldn’t pass up the chance to tease a little more of our Quarter Moon for lovers, issue #3.

Last week (link!) we showed off the first of its beautiful interior pages (by Alexandra Beguez), and laid out the stories you’ll be reading in this “erotic” installment of our quarterly anthology.

This week we’ve decided to reveal ONE of our cover artists, and slip you just the tip of the carnal iceberg that is his cover. Quarter Moon #3 will in fact have two covers, a reversible affair (unlike the affairs within). And each of them will knock you out.

So welcome he of Blades & Lazers, Lincoln Washington: Free Man, and Night Business fame, Benjamin Marra! QM_3_Marra_dudeWhat in hell has this guy gotten himself into? You’re gonna have to wait and see the full cover to figure that one out…

– Andrew Carl

Tuesday Tease

After a bit of a Christmas vacation, the Locust Moon Press Tuesday Tease is back to give everyone a glimpse at something we currently have in the works. Right now we’re closing in on the completion of our third Quarter Moon issue, due for release in February.

The first issue of our quarterly comics & illustration magazine focused on wordless stories.
Jeremy Baum
The second was a grab-bag of fun & fighting & touches of melancholy.
The third will celebrate a topic perfectly suited for Valentine’s Day. No, not love or romance or chocolate. Quarter Moon #3 is our erotica issue. And Alexandra Beguez has come back for another go, after having last created one of our favorite, and funniest, strips to date in Quarter Moon: Silence, “Alien Raver: Forbidden Fruit”. So today I thought we’d share the first page of her new story for #3, “The Harvest”.

The setup seems simple enough, right? I promise you won’t be able to guess what happens next. This one’s out-there in the best way possible.

Other stories you’ll see in this issue include…
Jimmy Comey’s “Tijuana Bible Strip Tease”
Keren Katz’s “Mr. Beenoon, Were You Watching?”
Charles Fetherolf’s “Lilith”
Maggie Eighteen & Annie Mok’s “Errand”
and Rob Woods’ “Wilbur, Where Art Thou?”
There’ll also be a cover or two by a couple of awesome special guests. Stay tuned for those!

See you next Tuesday…
– Andrew Carl

Tuesday Tease

this week we take a look at a series we have been working on called SHAMAN. the way this project came about is an interesting story. when we closed down the original locust moon there was about a year in-between opening up the current shop. during that year we were still obligated to receive books from diamond, and each week i’d meet the ups guy and haul the boxes of books up to my tiny apartment. this was a pretty shitty situation that was made a lot more tolerable by the fact about a dozen of our customers were loyal enough that they continued getting their books from us, meeting me in my apartment or outside my building. one of those customers was ben kahn, who was getting ready to graduate from upenn. ben had a real passion for the medium and a strong desire to create his own comics. once i realized that he was serious about it, i set off to help him make it happen. written and created by ben, illustrated by bruno hidalgo, and lettered by jason arthur, you will be seeing a lot more of SHAMAN in 2014. for now, here’s a look at the cover by farel dalrymple to the first issue and a page from bruno. SHAMAN logo designed by rob woods.shamanfarel_150dpiSHAMAN_ISSUE2_PAGE24

–chris stevens

Tuesday Tease

We’re starting something new, this week, at the Locust Moon Press end of our operation.

Each Tuesday, we’re going to start sharing a little taste (and on days like today, when you’re lucky, a big one) of a comic we currently have in the works.

For our first go, we’ve decided to give you a rather giant treat…a full page from our most special and spectacular upcoming book, LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM! This’ll be one of only a select few pages we’re sharing online (out of the 100 or so strips that’ll be in the final book), and we don’t plan on letting loose any others anytime soon.


So who are we going to show off this time?

DAVID PETERSEN. He wows us at each and every turn of his singularly epic MOUSE GUARD. He literally builds the worlds he creates. I have his poster for BRAVE hanging in my living room.

This is his Slumberland — and trust me, you’re going to want to see this at 16″ x 21″ as intended in DREAM ANOTHER DREAM.


The goose alone is nearly a foot tall!

– Andrew Carl